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Saturday, January 25, 2020

Kankakee County Executive Committee met June 25

By Michael Abella | Aug 13, 2019


Kankakee County Executive Committee met June 25.

Here is the minutes provided by the committee:

Members Present

Mr. Wheeler, Mr. Liehr, Mr. LaGesse, Mr. Washington, Mr. Olthoff, Mr. Hess, Mr. Byrne, Ms. Webber, Mr. Payton, Mr. Kinzinger and Ms. Haas

Members Absent

Mr. Sirois, Mr. Tholen, and Mr. Ritter

In Attendance

 Board Members

 Department Heads

Anita Speckman, Kevin Duval, Mark Rogers, Nancy Nicholson and Erich Blair

 Media


1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by the Chairman, Mr. Wheeler, at 9:00 a.m. Quorum present.

2. Public Comment


3. Presentations


4. Approval of Minutes: May 28, 2019

Mr. Byrne made a motion to approve the minutes from May 28, 2019, and Mr. Olthoff seconded it. Motion carried with a voice vote.

5. Legislative – Steve Liehr

Mr. Liehr advised that he can forward the UCCI summary of legislative changes that can be reviewed by the committee.

6. Appointments


7. Information Services – Kevin Duval


8. Health Department – John Bevis


9. Schools – Dr. Gregg Murphy


10. Veterans Assistance Commission – Karen Smietanski

 Monthly Report

Mr. Hess made a motion to accept the report, Mr. Payton seconded it. Motion carried with a voice vote.

11. County Administrator’s Report - Anita Speckman

 Staffing Report

Ms. Speckman reviewed and discussed the staffing report with the committee.

Mr. Kinzinger asked what the turnover is like for the County.

Ms. Speckman advised that she ran a report last year and the turnover was about 10%. Ms. Speckman advised that turnover is highest at entry level positions in the first year of employment.

Ms. Speckman stated that the process for renewal with Healthcare has begun and more information will follow.

12. Administrative Issues

 Resignations/Appointments/Reappointments:

Mr. Wheeler read the appointments and reappointments to the committee.

 Appointment of Alice Argyelan to the Bourbonnais Township Fire Protection District

 Reappointment of Steve Worth to the Kankakee River Valley Forest Preserve Commission

 Reappointment of David Wulff to the Grinnell Drainage District Board

Mr. Olthoff made a motion to combine and approve the appointments and reappointments, and Mr. Byrne seconded it. Motion carried with a voice vote.

There was no discussion from the committee.

 Openings:

 One Opening on the B.M. Lewis Drainage District

 One Opening on the Gar Creek Drainage District

 One Opening on the Manteno No. 3 Drainage District

 One Opening on the Manteno No. 9 Drainage District

 One Resident Opening on the Kankakee County Housing Authority Board

 One Opening on the Kankakee County Ethics Commission

Mr. Wheeler read the openings to the committee members.

Nancy Nicholson introduced Karen Brown to the committee and advised that while Ms. Nicholson is the main point of contact for the Board, Ms. Brown will be assisting.

13. New Business

• Discussion on the Illinois Smoke Free Act

Mr. Wheeler opened the discussion regarding a smoke and tobacco free County Properties and what would be allowed under the law. Using the Illinois Smoke Free Act offers a guideline, but it appears that the County Board doesn’t have the authority to change the policy as previously discussed.

Mr. Wheeler advised that Kankakee does have a current policy in place from the Illinois Smoke Free Act, which includes smoking at least 15 feet away from the building and away from ventilation, doorways, and windows.

Mr. Wheeler advised that we will need proper signage stating that smoking is prohibited and also the removal of ash trays from non-smoking areas.

Mr. Byrne stated that he doesn’t believe the board has the right to ban smoking entirely and that offering a designated smoking area would be more appropriate.

Mr. Wheeler advised the language would need to written and establishing the smoking areas on county properties. Would the committee like to have a draft written allowing the Chairman and the building maintenance director to establish those designated areas?

Mr. Wheeler asked if an ordinance was required or does this fall under policy and procedure.

Ms. Nicholson advised this is compliance with the Illinois Smoke Free Act; the law is already in place, so we do not need to do anything. We could be a little more restrictive through the ordinance if we wanted. There is language to be added if you wanted to be more restrictive.

Mr. Kinzinger advised that he would like public visibility and a shelter to be considered.

Ms. Nicholson would be concerned with public safety and liability issues as regards placement of designated smoking areas.

Mr. Byrne made the motion to designate the Chairman and Maintenance Director, under the supervision of the State’s Attorney Office, to establish smoking areas that are appropriate in regards to the Illinois Smoke Free Act, and Mr. Washington seconded it.

Motion carried with a voice vote.

Mr. Kinzinger wanted to compliment the leadership in discussion on this topic to consider the employees, as well as, the public.

• Designating all Kankakee County Government Properties as Tobacco Free

• Declaring Kankakee County a Disaster due to the excessive Rainfall

Mr. Wheeler stated that every Friday, this disaster declaration needs to be resigned. After speaking with Chief Gessner regarding this, the county can do a resolution to declare this throughout the entire season. This way, the recertification wouldn’t need to be done every Friday.

Mr. Olthoff made a motion to approve the proclamation declaring that a local disaster exists in Kankakee County due to excessive rainfall, and Mr. Liehr seconded it.

Mr. Wheeler advised that it wouldn’t be until July or August that there was a determination if any assistance will come from the state. This has never been done, so the outcome is unknown.

Motion carried with a voice vote.

• Holidays to be observed by the Offices of Kankakee County for Calendar Year 2020 Mr. Wheeler advised that the Chief Judge has certified these.

Mr. Lagesse made a motion to approve and accept the Holidays to be observed by the Offices of Kankakee County for the Calendar Year 2020, and Mr. Byrne seconded it. Motion carried with a voice vote.

14. Old Business


15. Other Business

 CVB/IMRF Update

Mr. Wheeler advised the committee that after submitting the question if the CVB could be included in IMRF, the answer has been received. This question was submitted by the State’s Attorney Office to the Attorney General, and they concluded that the governing board of IMRF would make the decision. It is the decision of the IMRF governing body that the CVB would not be included in IMRF. This is largely in part due to the hotels no longer being involved with the CVB and that is a crucial element in the CVB.

Ms. Webber asked if the matter has been passed on to the CVB, Mr. Wheeler confirmed that it was relayed to the CVB.

16. Adjournment

Mr. LaGesse made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:34 a.m., and Mr. Hess seconded it. Motion carried with a voice vote.


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