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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Village of Bourbonnais Police Committee met Nov. 7

By Michael Abella | Nov 28, 2019


Village of Bourbonnais Police Committee met Nov. 7.

Here is the minutes provided by the committee:

1. Meeting Opening

Meeting called to order at 4:00 PM by Trustee Greenlee

Procedural: A. Roll Call

Members present: Mayor Paul Schore, Trustee Bruce Greenlee, Trustee Rick Fischer, Trustee Randy King, Trustee Jeff Keast, Trustee Jack Littrell, and Trustee Angie Serafini. Also in attendance, Treasurer Ron Riebe, Attorney Pat Dunn, Administrator Mike Van Mill, Asst. Administrator Laurie Cyr, Asst. Finance Director Tara Latz, Chief Jim Phelps, Deputy Chief Dave Anderson, Building Commissioner Paul Hafner, and Administrative Assistant Margie Beach.

2. Review and Approve Committee Minutes

Action, Minutes: A. Minutes from December 11, 2018

Motion by Trustee Rick Fischer, second by Trustee Jack Littrell to approve the Police Committee Meeting Minutes from December 11, 2018.

Final Resolution: Motion Carried

Aye: Trustee Bruce Greenlee, Trustee Rick Fischer, Trustee Randy King, Trustee Jeff Keast, Trustee Jack Littrell, and Trustee Angie Serafini

3. Updates

Information: A. MCSI Contract for Collection Services

> Chief Phelps gave an overview of the legislation Attorney Dunn has created for authorizing a contract for collection services with MCSI to use them as a collection agency for some of our unpaid Village ordinance tickets that we issue through the police department.

> Currently, for the 2018-2019 years we have over $10,000 worth of Village ordinance tickets that were not paid.

> MCSI services are paid for by the individuals they collect from.

> By using MCSI our hope is to get some of these fees collected, instead of a total loss.

> Trustee King questioned the fee schedule and Attorney Dunn explained the process. If it is a new debt there is a 35% fee added on. If it's one from a previous judgment not sure you can add 35%, which means MCSI would take a percentage of a previously ordered debt, therefore the Village would get less.

Information: B. Amending Chapter 22 Concerning Smoking Materials

> Chief Phelps requested Attorney Dunn to update the current Ordinance to be reflective of the current State statutes since it was outdated. We want to include the vaping devices and all forms of e-cigarettes. This is also geared towards the underaged (21) which is illegal for them to possess and use those items. Previously there wasn't enough detail, and we weren't able to enforce, now the Village will be in compliance.

4. New Business

Information: A.

> Chief Phelps gave an update on the Shroeder lawsuit, one of our Federal 1983 civil rights violation lawsuit, the insurance company did settle it for a nominal amount, low ball offer and was accepted after 5 years.

> Patrolman Nikos Fajdich is in phase 3 of the FTO training program on track to be released on solo patrol in mid December.

> Departmental changes for 2020, posted today to be in compliance with bargaining unit, we are moving 2 officers to afternoon shift in 2020, and are raising minimum staffing from 3 to 4 officers to handle call volume.

> Sending another sergeant to staff & command, this past year we sent Sergeant Brent Barrie, and will be announcing soon who will be going in this next class.

> Modification of existing command structure in 2020 - as part of our 5-year strategic plan part of the preparing tomorrow's leaders today.

> Need to consider having an additional employee who is cross trained, Chris Raymond is going to be retiring in the near future. This position could help at the police, admin and public works building as well. The PD will be very busy having to handle all these mandated expungement cases.

5. Old Business

Information: A. Oversize Load Permits 6000 N Rd & Bourbonnais Parkway - Oxcart Contract for Program

> Chief Phelps reported Attorney Dunn has been working on legislation that allows us to enter into this agreement with Oxcart, a truck permitting system recognized nationwide. Trucking company goes on line to register their route, established statutorily fee structure, they do their permit electronically, it gets sent to the police department, and their fee is deposited electronically into the Village's online account.

> This will help preserve our roads, and we will get some compensation for the damage that is being done to them.

> Trustee Littrell asked what the range of that fee is, and Chief Phelps responded everything is set by the roads they are going to be on, the distance that they travel and their weight. There is a method and a formula for this fee structure.

> Chief Phelps stated the Village has a lot of potential with future development taking place, it is a good time for us to get it moving with all the building we will be seeing.

Information: B. IPPFA 457 or 115 Plan

> Chief Phelps gave a review of the 457 or 115 Plan that are currently in both of the collective bargaining agreements which would allow union members to put x amount of sick days per year into these accounts to help fund their insurance premiums after they retire.

> Chief Phelps proposes that all Village department heads be afforded that same opportunity as the union personnel was already getting and to be able to bank this time toward insurance premiums when they retire. It's a good way to reward employees based on years of service.

> Incentive for people to get an extra perk to promote them into advancing their careers. We are seeing a lot of people now who are choosing to not even seek promotional opportunities because they see that they are better off not having rank than start being limited on their benefits and the work load, it's kind of backwards. Most place where you do get advanced, an employee will better rewards, they see it as opposite. Make it an incentive for people to want to reach the top.

Information: C. Update on Capital Budget Project

> Mike Chamness arrived at 4:11 PM

> Chief Phelps and Deputy Chief Anderson are working with the finance department and are getting close to the first wave of the Enterprise Lease program with vehicles.

> Made their selection on the technology side for new squad car computers, cameras, body cams and data storage. Will be presenting at the finance meeting soon.

> Trustee Fischer asked about how the evidence scan bar coding is going and Chief Phelps responded it is good.

> Administrator Van Mill asked if the department is on track for accreditation. Chief responded it is getting closer. The evidence and records was overwhelming and at a high volume and haven't been able to complete it yet. The accreditation team is ready, and we should be accredited in 2020.

> Unfunded mandate for expunging records for previous records with marijuana will be significant undertaking.

> Administrator Van Mill agrees with getting a floater for the Village to help with this program, along with filling in at Public Works and at the administration office. We are seeing a lot of gaps and are looking at that type of position.

6. Public Comments - None

7. Adjournment and Time

Action, Procedural: A. Adjournment and Time

Motion by Trustee Jack Littrell, second by Trustee Randy King adjourn at 4:25 PM.

Final Resolution: Motion Carried

Aye: Trustee Bruce Greenlee, Trustee Rick Fischer, Trustee Randy King, Trustee Jeff Keast, Trustee Jack Littrell, and Trustee Angie Serafini


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