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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Village of Bourbonnais Finance Committee met November 13

By Michael Abella | Nov 28, 2019


Village of Bourbonnais Finance Committee met Nov. 13.

Here is the minutes provided by the committee:

1. Meeting Opening

Meeting called to order at 4:00 PM by Trustee Rick Fischer

Procedural: A. Roll Call

Members present:

Trustee Bruce Greenlee, Trustee Rick Fischer, Trustee Randy King, Trustee Jeff Keast, Trustee Jack Littrell. Also in attendance, Treasurer Ron Riebe, Attorney Patrick Dunn, Administrator Mike Van Mill, Assistant Administrator Laurie Cyr, Assistant Finance Director Tara Latz, Chief Jim Phelps, Deputy Chief Dave Anderson, Building Commissioner Paul Hafner, Marketing Manager Lindy Casey and Administrative Assistant Margie Beach. Absent: Mayor Paul Schore and Trustee Angie Serafini

2. Review and Approve Committee Minutes

Action, Minutes: A. Finance Committee Minutes from October 29, 2019

Motion by Trustee Jeff Keast, second by Trustee Bruce Greenlee to approve the Finance Committee Minutes from October 29, 2019 as submitted.

Final Resolution: Motion Carried

Aye: Trustee Bruce Greenlee, Trustee Rick Fischer, Trustee Randy King, Trustee Jeff Keast, and Trustee Jack Littrell,

3. Bill Lists

Accounts Payable: A. General Fund

> Trustee Littrell questioned payment to Officer Garcia for $300, Asst. Finance Director Latz explained it was an error that Nationwide made and needed to be corrected and deposited into the correct account.

Mayor Schore arrived at 4:02 PM

> Trustee Greenlee questioned the Brittany Lakes ditch bill for $19,000, Ms. Latz explained it was paid from the streets and drainage budget. Ms. Cyr explained they did 2 quotes for this job, and had the funds in the budget.

> Mayor Schore asked if the Little League was contacted about the electric bill for $600, Ms. Latz responded Bobbi is supposed to be following up with them this week to see why it was so high in October. Mayor asked that whoever she speaks to that they come in to have a meeting.

> Reminder that the Little League pays half, and it is an ever-changing group of parents that volunteer to run the organization, and they don't remember to turn it off.

> Trustee Keast asked if Public Works could go over and winterize the building, so we know the heat is left off.

> Trustee King asked if we get a better rate since it's a Village property, and Mayor responded he didn't think so.

> Trustee Keast asked why isn't it set up like a landlord agreement? Mayor responded he would rather be in the know if they do get behind.

> King asked if we have some type of written agreement with them, and Mayor responded that he doesn't believe there is an agreement.

> Trustee Littrell asked if they could be on a budget program with Com Ed and Ms. Latz said she didn't believe they would do that because it fluctuates so much.

> Mayor suggested we could shut off their electricity as of October if we want, but they do sometimes use it for meetings off season.

> Mayor said we want the organization to maintain the property even though it is a Village park and we still maintain the parking lot.

General Fund bill list was reviewed and the Finance Committee agreed to proceed with payment of the bills for the next Regular Board meeting on November 18, 2019.

Accounts Payable: B. Special Fund

Special Fund bill list was reviewed and the Finance Committee agreed to proceed with payment of the bills for the next Regular Board meeting on November 18, 2019.

4. Other

Discussion: A. Review of Enterprise Leasing - Police Vehicles

> Ms. Latz gave an update on the Enterprise Leasing program for patrol cars. Gave an overview of the quotes they received - (on Board Docs).

Police Admin - Not fully equipped vehicles, for detective and admin use

> Suggests 5 year rotation, not used as often as squad cars, we have 4 currently, and are requesting to have 3 switched out from the start - they are older and not in good shape.

> Enterprise offers a 5-year rotation, factory ordered includes all the equipment with lights, etc. that the vehicles need and includes a maintenance program like we have with the building and public works vehicles, these have a warranty of 5 year/75,000 miles.

> Lease price $570.58/month per vehicle - $34,234.80 total per vehicle

Patrol Cars - Fully equipped vehicles

> We currently have 12 total patrol cars, PD is requesting to switch out 4 cars from the start. Typically, we get 3 cars a year, but last year PD only got 2 vehicles because the 2019 models were in shortage, so we need to make up the one from last year.

> Some patrol cars run 24 hours a day, therefore they come with a 3-year rotation due to high wear and tear. Lease price includes all equipment - turn key. We asked for an extended warranty because in 3 years we will be over 36,000 miles, but were told Enterprise will not do extended warranties because of the high wear and tear on these vehicles.

> Lease price $961.82/month per vehicle - $34,625.52 total per vehicle

> Also, Enterprise does not include the maintenance program on squads due to the high wear and tear on police vehicles.

> So we are holding off and looking into other options. Enterprise deals more heavily with and is more comfortable with fleet vehicles, not so much for patrol cars.

> Chief Phelps gave an overview of their concern on patrol cars.

> Deputy Chief Anderson met with Court Street Ford for leasing vehicles, including all the options which we need, we are still working with prices. The Village would own these vehicles at the end of the lease term.

> Court Street offers extended warranty and maintenance program, still trying to get things ironed out. Will offer quotes for Admin cars as well.

> Will present once we get more information back at the next Finance meeting.

> Trustee Keast questioned if we have gotten any funds for the public works vehicles that were traded in. Ms. Latz responded she heard they have sold a few, and we are waiting for a check. They are still trying to find buyers for the other vehicles.

Discussion: B. Review of Police Department Computer, Car Camera & Body Camera Upgrades Computers

> Ms. Latz presented the estimates from Midwest Public Safety, LLC and noted that these were discussed previously in PD's capital plan.

> Deputy Chief explained the squad car computers need to be upgraded because the old computers that have Windows 7 will not be supported anymore.

> Requesting 8 computers, 2 of which would be tablets, quote includes everything that is needed for installation with counsels as well - cost is $32,259.64 over three years.

> Trustee King asked how many vehicles do we have currently, Deputy Chief responded 10 squads, 2 detective cars, 2 utility cars.

> If ordered soon we could have them in by the end of December.

Finance Committee agrees to move forward with legislation at the next board meeting to purchase the squad car computers.

Car Cameras & Body Cameras

> Deputy Chief gave an overview of the estimate:

> 4 new DVR squad car cameras

> 24 Body Worn cameras which will allow one camera for each officer (should last 3 to 7 years) and will all interact together with the computers.

> Getac Enterprise is the brand, all in one solution - in car camera as well as the body camera, acts as the microphone for the car camera, as soon as the car camera lights go on the body camera starts as well - intertwined and work together.

> Comes with an extended warranty for years 2 through 5

> Cost is $76,101.80 over three years.

> Storage capacity is in the cloud, have a 3-year cloud term so allows 60 gig-a-byte data plan per month - on one platform which allows to put all the videos together for the State report, can send through email, and they can get into our system and view the videos.

> A web-based program that allows them to log in from anywhere to view those videos.

Finance Committee agrees to move forward with legislation at the next board meeting to purchase the car cameras and body cameras.

Discussion: C. Review of Amended Investment Policy

> Ms. Latz gave an overview of edits and highlights of the investment policy - checking with outside auditors Brian Creek for current accounting standards on the highlighted portions.

> Page 6 - the green highlighted area was the only area changed, to invest in securities so to provide the Village sufficient liquidity (take out the term limit of 10 years).

> Ms. Latz needs to run this by the auditors to make sure the language and verbiage is up to standards. The Board will need to review and ask questions at the next finance meeting.

> Will have a response from the auditors at that time, once approved by finance can have legislation ready for the December 2nd Regular Board meeting.

> Trustee Fischer questioned section V. Standards of Care #2 Ethics and Conflicts of Interest - would like verification in regard to the meaning of the sentence "employees and officers shall refrain from undertaking personal investment transactions with the same individual with whom business is conducted on behalf of the Village", does that mean if we decide to go with a local brokerage firm here, and the person who is going to do this with the Village and I have a personal account with that same individual? Ms. Latz stated she will look into this part of the policy, and have answers at the next finance meeting.

Discussion: D. Review of Tax Levy

> Ms. Latz gave an overview of tax levy calculation for 2019, to be received in 2020. Some figures come from the County and Department of Revenue. Numbers are put into our formula and were based off the County's estimated 2019 EAV of $351,826,848 for the entire Village.

> Based on EAV increase, estimated new monies over last year's tax levy has gone up $30,506.47

> Board will need to decide what rate to go with for the tax levy for next year.

>.465 rate will get more in tax levy next year due to EAV alone - based on average home values, reduce the taxpayers portion to the Village.

>.495 rate is what we used for last years levy, this time it would cause no change to the homeowners.

> We have a Public Hearing for bonds, we could add the tax levy at the same night for public hearing back to back together on December 2, 2019

> Tax levy has to be filed and recorded at the county by the last Tuesday in December 2019.

Finance Committee agrees to wait on a decision until the next finance meeting after further discussion.

Discussion: E. September Operating Results

> Ms. Latz went over highlights from the September Operating Results attached on Board Docs, as of September 2019.


> Total Revenue for the 5 months into the fiscal year is $4,619,023.62

> Tax revenue is on track with the budget at 42.3%, reminder May and June sales and income tax payments really pertain to March and April of last fiscal year, therefore $908,193 is not reflected on this report because the statement is accrual basis report not a cash basis report.

> License, fine, reimbursement, franchise, permit and miscellaneous revenues are all behind the budgeted projections at this time due to timing.


> Total Expenditures for the 5 months into the fiscal year is $5,374,543.65

> Administration is at 43.71% due to the change in the salary structure which was approved after the budget was adopted. This will continue to be high for the rest of the fiscal year.

> All other departments are below budget - finance, economic development, police, public works, building, parks, board, and central services.

> Planning Commission is way below budget parameters 8% due to it being a new department, we should have better estimates for next year.

> Streets & Drainage is at 21.59% of the budget but will increase once the costs for the curb program and Bethel Road projects are received.

> Capital is at 52.3% of budget being driven by the sewer interceptor project.

> As of September 30, the Village had an excess of expenditures over revenues of $755,520.03 on the accrual basis of accounting. Remember if we were on the cash basis of accounting we would be around $152,000 on the plus side.

Discussion: F. Farm & Fleet Property Tax Appeal

> Ms. Latz gave an overview of the notifications from the Farm & Fleet property appealing their tax assessment with the County Board of Review. This has been done in the past. Two letters were received, one for the Village and the other for the TIF 18 Bourbonnais Industrial.

> Trustee Keast asked what the appeals process is?

> Attorney Dunn gave an overview of steps involved. They go in front of the local detail board, usually the County tries to make an effort to settle it. If not they can be appealed to the State detail board which is more complex and takes additional time.

Discussion: G. Other

> Trustee Fischer asked the Finance Committee if it was okay to change the next finance meeting to Tuesday, November 26 instead of Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Finance Committee agreed to make the date change.

5. Old Business - None

6. New Business

Discussion: A.

> Administrator Van Mill received a phone call today from Nikki Gagnon who runs Cigna to notify the Village that it will be closing their facility by September, 2020. Employees will be working from home. Ms. Gagnon expressed they still want to be part of the Bourbonnais business community.

> Mayor and Trustees received a letter from a resident requesting discount on sewer and garbage for Veterans.

> Trustee Greenlee received a notice in the mail from the Freedom Sign, and he told the gentleman to send a letter to the Village.

> This request was denied, due to many others wanting to request a discount.

> Administrator Van Mill will write a letter explaining the Village's decision.

Finance Committee agreed to not allow for a discount on sewer and garbage bills for Veterans.

> Mayor Schore was approached by the Friendship Festival wanting to run about 40 copies per month at the Village office. Mayor told them he would ask the Board.

> Trustee King said he knows someone who has an extra copier they could have and will contact Bob Steinke himself.

Finance Committee agreed to allow the Festival committee to make copies once a month for their meetings.

> Trustee Keast reminded Trustees to place their order with Ms. Casey if they would like to purchase a Village jacket - she has samples to try on in her office.

7. Public Comments - None

8. Executive Session

Action, Procedural: A. Motion to enter into Executive Session

Motion by Trustee Jeff Keast, second by Trustee Randy King to enter into a Closed Session to discuss the appointment, employment, compensation, discipline, performance, or dismissal of specific employees of the public body, as allowed by 5 ILCS 120/2(1) at 5:03 PM.

Final Resolution: Motion Carried

Aye: Trustee Bruce Greenlee, Trustee Rick Fischer, Trustee Randy King, Trustee Jeff Keast, and Trustee Jack Littrell

Action, Procedural: B. Motion to return to the Finance Committee Meeting

Motion by Trustee Randy King, second by Trustee Bruce Greenlee to return to the Finance Committee Meeting at 5:21 PM.

Final Resolution: Motion Carried

Aye: Trustee Bruce Greenlee, Trustee Rick Fischer, Trustee Randy King, Trustee Jeff Keast, and Trustee Jack Littrell

9. Adjournment and Time

Action, Procedural: A. Adjournment and Time

Motion by Trustee Jeff Keast, second by Trustee Jack Littrell to adjourn the Regular Finance meeting at 5:22 PM.

Final Resolution: Motion Carried

Aye: Trustee Bruce Greenlee, Trustee Rick Fischer, Trustee Randy King, Trustee Jeff Keast, and Trustee Jack Littrell


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