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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Township of Crescent Board of Commissioners met August 8

By Michael Abella | Oct 16, 2019

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Township of Crescent Board of Commissioners met Aug. 8.

Here is the minutes provided by the board:

Commissioner Sabol stated that the Board of Commissioners was in Executive Session from 6:00 pm until 6:30 pm.

On August 8, 2019, the monthly meeting of the Crescent Township Board of Commissioners was called to order at 6:32 P.M. in the Crescent Township Municipal Building, 225 Spring Run Road, Crescent, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.


7. Motion to remove Tracy McKee as Administrative Assistant and have Express Employment Send a temp.

8. Motion to amend Resolution # 03-19 to increase the number of full- time Policemen from “No more than two” to “no more than six full-time Police Officers”.


Commissioners: Joe Sabol, Arthur Buccigrossi, Jeff Gagat, Christina Snell 

Secretary: Patty Christian

Solicitor: Richard Start




Commissioner Sabol asked for motion to approve the June 13, 2019 business meeting minutes. A motion was made by Commissioner Gagat and seconded by Commissioner Snell. A roll call vote was taken and found all commissioners in favor of the motion.


Commissioner Sabol asked for a motion to approve the June 2019 Treasurer’s report. Commissioner Gagat made a motion and was seconded by Commissioner Buccigrossi. A roll call vote was taken and found all commissioners in favor of the motion.


The list of bills was presented:

Invoices due $ 38,875.43

Estimated payroll $ 46,000.00

Capital Reserve $ 759.92

Fire Department Referendum Account $ 3,871.90

Highway Fund for street lights $ 2,336.18

The total estimated bills for June 2019 $ 91,843.43

A motion to pay the bills was made by Commissioner Buccgrossi and seconded by Gagat Snell.

A roll call vote was taken and found all Commissioners in favor of the motion.


Mrs. Christian gave the correspondence for July;

The administration received the following for July: Allegheny County & Western PA Assoc. of Twp. Commissioners fall conference information, 2019 PA Procurement Expo & Forum registration, a flier from the Airport Corridor Transportation Association “Know Before You Go!”, Letter from U.Comp in regard to our dividend, Trustnotes from MRM for July, thank you note from Glenwillard United Methodist Church for the Townships used chair donation.


Mrs. Christian gave the secretary’s report for July;

For the month of July: Completed the PURTA Public Utility Realty Report for 2018, completed the 2nd qtr. payroll taxes for U.Comp and Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement System , ordered chairs for the Multi-Purpose Room, received new chairs, mailed letters to the residents of Parkwood on the new parking ordinance, completed and filed the Federal Highway Administration FHWA Form 536 report, and other daily office tasks.


Mr. Rick Start from Amato, Start & Associates gave the solicitors report.

The legal services provided by our law firm to the Township are described in detail in our monthly statement but the most significant of those legal services pertained to matters regarding Police Department Police Matters, the Planning Commission, the Dumpster Ordinance and Purdy Road Fire.


Engineer Richard Kauffman gave the report from HMT and Associates

MS 4 has been submitted.

HMT is preparing annual report due 9/30

Walk through on 7-30 for 2019 road paving.

Work order for Shouse Park

Ongoing with Laurel Ridge sewer improvements

Ongoing on gazebo


Commissioner Snell reported the following:


Calls for Service 225

Assist other police departments 04

Medical assistance calls 16


Warnings issued for traffic offenses 27

Non-traffic citations issued 03

Traffic citations issued 32

Parking citations/warnings issued 01

Total citations/warnings issued for the month 63


54-year-old male Simple Assault/Disorderly Conduct

25-year-old male Soliciting without a permit

40-year-old male Possession of marijuana/drug paraphernalia

29-year-old male Possession of marijuana/drug paraphernalia

36-year-old male Possession of marijuana

28-year-old male Driving under the influence

18-year-old male Harassment by communication

41-year-old female Driving under the influence


Miles traveled: Car 105 - 22,251 = 1,221

Car 106 - 5,966 = 1,656

Car 107- 74,499 = 1,087

Total miles traveled = 3,964

The following repairs and maintenance were completed:

Unit 105- Had four new tires installed

Unit 106- No maintenance

Unit 107- Received its annual inspection; four new tires were installed, replaced the passenger

front headlight, and recall from the emission system was completed at no charge


Chief Longerman attended various seminars and training at the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Convention.

Officers Gerlach, Oslick, Burek, Frederick, Tice, and Chief Longerman completed training regarding domestic violence call responses.

Officer Frederick completed Naloxone Training for law enforcement, Sorna Training, and Protection from Abuse Act Training.

Officer Oslick completed PSP TAC to JTAC training, background check JNET, and level 1 TAC for webcpin.

Total training for July was 44 hours.


I want to thank Premier Pan and Anthony Junior’s Restaurant for supporting the Pizza with Police event. I would also like to thank the Crescent Township Fire Department, STAT Medivac, Valley Ambulance, Crescent Police officers, Rich Withee, and countless others who made this event a huge success. Stay tuned; another event will be announced very soon!

Moon Area schools will be starting on August 26th. Please, slowdown in the neighborhoods and look out for kids who are at bus stops.


Commissioners, I want to take a moment to acknowledge the outstanding service and dedication by our officers in recent months. The department has handled several serious cases and arrested a few dangerous criminals during that time. I want to publicly thank them for their hard work and diligent efforts in making Crescent Township a better place to live, work, and play.


Commissioner Gagat stated that funds look good as of July 31, 2019. General Fund balance is $1,231,000.00, Highway Fund has $217,000.00, Capital Reserve fund $130,000.00 McCutheon Way Slide $$5,600.00 Fire Department $72,000. Grand total of $1,655,507.00


Commissioner Buccigrossi read the Public Works report for July:

1. Installed new Inlets and pipe in Municipal parking lot

2. Installed new grates on Glen Hays Dr.

3. Installed new inlets and grates on Needham St

4. Removed fallen trees from Purdy, Prospect and Shouse park

5. Cleaned inlets and roadways after heavy storms.

6. Kept the parks clean.

7. Patch roads throughout township.

8. Worked on backhoe repairing cylinder

9. Cleaned all Public Works trucks

10. Patched around inlets on Needham and Glenhays to prepare for paving

11. MS-4 work.

 Inlet inspections

 Cleaned inlets


Commissioner Buccigrossi gave the report for the parks board. The Parks Board will meet this Thursday August 15, 2019 to discuss upcoming projects. Will have a basket of cheer at the Fire Departments Drag Queen Bingo in partnership with the Crescent Township Volunteer Fire Department on September 7, 2019. The Fall Festival on October 12, 2019 working on getting venders as well as working with Fire, Police and Ambulance first responder’s to participate in the festival like they did for the Pizza with Police. Movie night with crafts for the kids.

The Recreation Board will be meeting next month finalizing the October 28, 2019 Halloween Parade weather permitting it will be at Shouse Park and back up at the Municipal Buildings Multi-purpose Room. They are also working on Santa meet and greet in December.

Commissioner Sabol stated what a wonderful job both Boards are doing.

Commissioner Buccigrossi wanted to encourage new members to come and participate because all new members are greatly appreciated.




Wendy Schulenburg gave the report for Valley Ambulance. Nothing new in July the membership drive is still ongoing.

Wendy asked if it would be okay to put on her Civic Club hat. She had a few items she wished to bring up. The Civic Club wanted to thank the Board of Commissioner for their annual contribution. She also wanted to recognize Patty for a wonderful thank you letter on behalf of the Board of Commissioners for the donation for the new chairs in the Multi-purpose Room. She will read the letter at the Civic Clubs September meeting.


Commissioner Sabol read the Emergency Management reports submitted by Dan Muller Crescent Township’s Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator.

July 11, 2019

In the spring Emergency Management training session, the Allegheny County Emergency Management leadership advised us that the National Weather Service had advised them that the current weather pattern would continue for the next several months. The pattern of waves of rain followed by a short break, then more waves of storms has certainly continued as forecast. As of 17:00 today, approximately 2 inches of rain has fallen with another inch forecast later.

Fire, Police, and Road Departments have responded to multiple issues caused by flooding rains. The initial first responder calls were at Prospect and Bocktown with several trees falling on wires and were arcing on the ground. Duquesne Light crews responded and shut off the electricity releasing the PD and FD. Flooding basement calls came from McGovern Blvd and Bocktown Road. McGovern Blvd was shut down at Spring Run Road to Purdy Road due to excessive water and debris on the roadway. A weather advisory (included) was sent to local emergency management coordinators from the county. Leo and I completed a tour of the area at shortly after 14:00. Chief Langerman then ordered McGovern Blvd reopened. There still remain 2 trees down on Bocktown Rd. and concerns for a clogged culvert on Purdy Rd. that forces the stream on to the roadway.

Emergency Management Coordinator Leo Laffey reports that he has attended the 2nd and 3rd quarterly training.

July 18, 2019

Addition to July 11 Report

Our road crew has repaired the Purdy Road culvert problem. Great Job to Brian and crew! Overall, for this event, the township was well-served by the Police, Fire, and Road Departments as well as the office leadership that kept observant of the activity.

I've included with this report a Resource Request Form from Allegheny County. It's a tool to be used in events such as this in which we are requesting assistance from Allegheny County. Also included is a flyer from Allegheny County concerning this weekend's heat wave.

I will mention in this report, that an unusual hazard that has developed from the 2 recent and continuing weather events. We are all aware of fishermen and children wading in the shallows from the Flaugherty Run sandbar. However, the recent violent flash flooding has moved rock and sand material far out beyond the known limit of the original sandbar creating a "drop-off' into the deep water of the Ohio River channel. You can observe the river current eddying past the end of the sandbar that could potentially pull someone away who was not ready for the sudden deep water. Raising the danger is that there may be people coming to the area to cool off in this weekend's heat. I will speak to Chief Longerman and advise him personally of the hazard and perhaps have the officers make an extra patrol of the area during their shifts. (I will also personally visit the area at times)




First item on the agenda was the hiring of part-time police officers Christian Ryan and Trevon Williams effective immediately. Commissioner Buccigrossi made the motion seconded by Commissioner Gagat. A roll call vote was taken and all commissioners were in favor.

The second item was a motion to hire Evan Downing as a full time police officer effective immediately. Commissioner Gagat made the motion seconded by Commissioner Snell. A roll call vote was taken and all commissioners were in favor.

The Third item was motion to appoint Anthony LaRocca as an alternate to the Civil Service Commission. Commissioner Snell made the motion seconded by Commissioner Buccigrossi. A roll call vote was taken and all commissioners were in favor.

The Fourth item was motion to purchase 8 Watch Guard body cameras from the General Fund, in accordance with the DOJ Grant, which reimburses the Township for half the costs of the cameras. Total upfront cost and authorization needed is $12,395.00. (The quote closes on August 31, 2019, the cost will increase by $700.00 if not purchased by August 31, 2019.

Commissioner Gagat stated that this will come out of the General Fund not the Capital reserve. Commissioner Gagat made the motion to have the funds come from the General Fund for the 8 Watch Guard body cameras seconded by Commissioner Snell. A roll call vote was taken and all commissioners were in favor.

The Fifth item was motion to approve the exercise of Option Year One (1/1/2020 to 12/31/2020) with the add on Alternated No.2 and No. 3 to BFI Waste Services of Pittsburgh aba “Republic Services of Pittsburgh”. Written notice of said action to be sent by the Township Secretary immediately.

Commissioner Snell said she was not familiar with this item and asked that it be tabled until next month. Solicitor Start said it was not a pressing issue and it could wait until next meeting. Commissioner Gagat made the motion to table this item until next meeting. Seconded by Commissioner Snell, Commissioner Buccigrossi abstained from the vote. A roll call vote was taken and all of the other commissioners agreed to table the vote until the next meeting.

The sixth item was motion/discussion to approve HMT to draft plans for the dugouts at Shouse Park per the Army Corps of Engineers for an estimated $1,300.00. This will come out of the line item 01.454.310 Parks Professional Services. Commission Buccigrossi explained that the Army Core of Engineers owns the part of the park where the dugouts would be located. They asked for an engineered drawing of what we would be doing. They come and inspect the Park on an annual basis and were very impress on the wonderful condition of Shouse Park. Moon Little League Baseball will be covering the cost. Commissioner Gagat made the motion seconded by Commissioner Buccigrossi. A roll call vote was taken and all commissioners were in favor.

The seventh item was motion to remove Tracy McKee as Administrative Assistant and replace with Express Temporary Services. Commissioner Gagat made the motion seconded by Commissioner Snell. A roll call vote was taken and all commissioners were in favor.

The eighth item was a motion to amend Ordinance #297. Resolution #03-19 to increase the number of full- time Policemen from “no more than two” to “no more than six full-time Police Officers”. Solicitor Start explained that it was not changing the Ordinance just amending it, to allow more full-time officers. Commissioner Buccigrossi made the motion seconded by Commissioner Gagat. A roll call vote was taken and all commissioners were in favor.

Commissioner Sabol wanted to recognize Amy Ottaviani from the Pittsburgh Area Chamber of Commerce. Amy introduced Chris Heck also from the Chamber. They were here to present Crescent Township with a five year milestone award.


Gina Patrus of 1632 Aster Lane. Having difficulty reaching tax collector. She is not responding back and receiving late fees. Commissioners advised that she is an elected official and they do not have control over her. Commissioners and solicitor asked her to write a letter or complaint for and submit to township for them to look into it.

Ed Biller of 1533 Parkwood Pt. Drive. Would like to know if there is an ordinance for pet owners to pick up feces and keeping animals on leash. If not, than can one be implemented.


Chief Longerman congratulated Officer Downing to the Department. He will be a great fit. He also wanted to commend Officer Burek for the DUI arrest and the wanted fugitive.

Chief Longerman wanted to let residents know that the State PennDOT has awarded a contract to Folino Construction to repair Harper Rd. Harper Road will be closed 9-3-19 thru 10-19-19. It will be closed from 230 ft. east of Glen Hays Drive to a point approximately 100 ft. west of Daisy Lane. The detour runs from Harper Rd. to SR51 onto SR 151, then Brodhead Rd. to Bocktown Rd. and back to Harper Rd.

All commissioners congratulated Office Downing on becoming a full time Police Officer.

Commissioner Buccigrossi wanted to thank the First Responders, the Public Works Department, and the Office. The Pizza with Police was a big hit with his daughter. As always the Parks and Recreation Boards are always accepting new members, and the Public is always welcome.

Commissioner Gagat stated that Crescent has a remarkable Police force it is one of the finer Police forces in the area. Thanked the public for coming out tonight.

Commissioner Sabol wanted to thank everyone for attending the meeting, and we will try to resolve issue that the residents have. Also to welcome Evan and thank his family for raising a fine upstanding young man.


A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Commissioner Gagat and seconded by Commissioner Snell. A voice vote was taken and found all Commissioners in favor of the motion. The meeting adjourned at 7:28 PM.


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