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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Township of Crescent Board of Commissioners met September 12

By Angelica Saylo Pilo | Nov 15, 2019

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Township of Crescent Board of Commissioners met Sept. 12.

Here is the agenda provided by the board:


Commissioners: Joe Sabol, Jeff Gagat, Christina Snell, Todd Miller

Secretary: Patty Christian




Commissioner Sabol asked for motion to approve the August 8, 2019 business meeting minutes.

A motion was made by Commissioner Gagat and seconded by Commissioner Miller. A roll call vote was taken and found all commissioners in favor of the motion.


Commissioner Sabol asked for a motion to approve the August 2019 Treasurer’s report.

Commissioner Gagat made a motion and was seconded by Commissioner Snell. A roll call vote was taken and found all commissioners in favor of the motion.


The list of bills was presented:

Invoices due $ 53,260.16

Estimated payroll $ 46,000.00

Capital Reserve $ 100.00

Fire Department Referendum Account $ 2,233.67

Highway Fund for street lights $ 1,429.04

The total estimated bills for June 2019 $ 103,022.87

A motion to pay the bills was made by Commissioner Miller and seconded by Commissioner Snell. A roll call vote was taken and found all Commissioners in favor of the motion.


The administration received the following for August: MRM Trustnotes for August, Verizon programing change, PENDOT 2019-2020 winter services agreement, RAD 25 days of free events for September and October


For the month of August: Completed the PMRS 2020 MMO Worksheet for the year 2020 for the Police Pension Plan and the Non Uniform Pension Plan, worked with Public Works and Police Department getting budget information to them, worked with Allegheny County Housing and Human Services Division and Allegheny County Department of Economic Development to complete the application for the 2019 Vacant property recovery program, Side Yard & Blighted Structure Program, we received notice that Crescent Township’s marketing plan was approved, worked with Temps to help keep the office running smooth and all other daily office tasks.


Commissioner Sabol gave the August Solicitor`s report for Richard Start. The legal services provided by our law firm to the Township are described in detail in our monthly statement but the most significant of those legal services pertained to matters regarding Police Department Police Matters, JRZ Properties Site Plan/Subdivision and Federal Firearms Permit Request.


Kerry Krider from HMT and associates was present and gave the report for Sept. He stated that JRZ Properties Planning Commission was submitted on September 6, 2019 and everything is in compliance when asked by Commissioner Sabol.

The following report was submitted:

1. MS4: The Township’s MS4 Permit was issued in May 2018. Outfall screening is complete. The Annual Progress Report was submitted to PaDEP on September 28, 2018. LSSE provided Township with outfall screening results on December 17, 2018. 2 0 1 9 Outfall screening and summary memo provided. HMT has begun preparation of Annual Progress Report that is due September 30, 2019. HMT has been provided MS-4 data and is reviewing and preparing progress repost. HMT will review Progress Report with Staff.

2. 2019 Road Paving Project: Public Works and HMT met with Youngblood paving on July 30, 2018 for a walk through and verification of the project roads. Project roads to be completed are as follows: Glen Hayes Drive (Add Alternate No. 16) $51,834.00; Moxon Street (Add Alternative No. 17) $15,455.00; Needham Street (Add Alternate No. 18) $26,966.50; Township Building Rear Parking Lot (Add Alternate No. 19) $32,566.00; and Township Building Concrete Parking Pad (Add Alternate No. 20) $6,000.00. The Contract was awarded to Youngblood Paving Inc. Crescent’s portion of the Contract is for $126,821.50, which includes Add Alternate No. 16, 18, and 19. The pre-construction meeting was held on May 22, 2019. Youngblood Paving Inc. completed paving project on August 29, 2019.

3. Maple Street Intersection: LSSE transmitted a Service Order Authorization for Township review on August 13, 2018. LSSE transmitted a preliminary opinion of probable costs on August 17, 2018. HMT has not been advised to review or look into this matter, although we will at Borough direction. Crescent Township Engineers Report, August 2019 Page 2 of 3 ENGINEERING – SURVEYING – GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS 130 Cecil Street | Canonsburg, PA 15317 | 724.916.0061 | info@hmtandassociates.com.

4. Emergency Generator: LSSE to meet with the Township in October to review generator needs. LSSE provided the Township with a Service Order Authorization on December 7, 2017 with a copy of the Opinion of Probable Construction Cost for the Municipal Building Emergency Generator. HMT has not been advised to review or look into this matter. Possible grants may still be available for this improvement.

5. Municipal Building Roof: a. Roof Coating: LSSE transmitted the advertisement to the Township on January 29, 2019. Bids were opened on March 5, 2019. LSSE provided Township with a bid report on March 8, 2019. Arkadia Contracting Inc. was the apparent low bidder in the amount of $54,700.00. The Board rejected the bids received. Bids were opened on April 8, 2019 for the Rebid. LSSE provided the Township with a Bid Report on April 8, 2019. Arkadia Contracting Inc. was the apparent low bidder in the amount of $54,700.00. Awaiting direction from the Township. A decision is required at this month’s meeting to award or reject bids. Bids were rejected. HMT has not been advised to review or look into this matter.

6. Main Street Bridge Repairs: LSSE issued a memo on cost and procedure to complete repairs on December 6, 2018. HMT has not been advised to review or look into this matter.

7. Laurel Ridge Storm Sewer Improvements: HMT solicited contractors for emergency project and the work has been completed.

8. Storm water Service Fee: LSSE provided Service Order Authorization to Township for review to complete Storm water Fee Analysis. HMT will provide a Work Order for Authorization.

9. Shouse Park: Exhibit provided for US Army Corps of Engineers for coordination through Township. Township currently coordinating with Parks and Recreation.

10. 2020 Road Paving Project: HMT met with Public Works to discuss the scope and to advance the preparation of an Opinion of Probable Cost. The roads selected for the Opinion of Probable Cost are: Denoon Avenue, Jeannette Street, Louisa Drive, Locust Drive, Erie Avenue, Porter Street, and Sautter Drive Extension. Crescent Township Engineers Report, August 2019 Page 3 of 3 ENGINEERING – SURVEYING – GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS 130 Cecil Street | Canonsburg, PA 15317 | 724.916.0061 | info@hmtandassociates.com

11. Code and Zoning: Code and zoning report provided. Investigation into the refuse at the end of Louisa Street within the Township’s Right-Of-Way is ongoing and coordinated with Public Works. Several citations have been issued for the condition at the end of Louisa Street.

12. Dog Refuse Ordinance: Sample ordinances provided to Solicitor for coordination and completion of the ordinance.


Commissioner Snell reported the following:


Calls for Service 206

Assist other police departments 07

Medical assistance calls 14


Warnings issued for traffic offenses 30

Traffic citations issued 34

Parking citations/warnings issued 02

Total citations/warnings issued for the month 66


23-year-old male Driving under the influence

21-year-old male Possession of marijuana

37-year-old male Possession of marijuana

43-year-old male Possession of marijuana/drug paraphernalia

31-year-old male Possession of marijuana

27-year-old male Driving under the influence

24-year-old male Simple Assault

38-year-old female Driving under the influence


Miles traveled: Car 105 - 23,762 = 1,511

Car 106 - 7,300 = 1,334

Car 107- 75,588 = 1,089

Total miles traveled = 3,934

The following repairs and maintenance were completed:

Unit 105- Had the new Setina truck box installed


Chief Longerman attended Supervising Sobriety Check-points

Officers Gerlach, and Oslick, both attended Standardized Field Sobriety testing update class Officer Gerlach, and Oslick attended ARIDE – DUI Enforcement training

Officer Downing completed his CLEAN certification

Officers Gerlach and Oslick attended Tactical Leadership training in Cleveland, Ohio

Total training for July was 66 hours.


Registration will begin soon for “Pumpkin’s with Police” and hopefully we will have an even bigger turnout this year! Last year’s event was a fantastic time for the kids, but we encourage the adults to come and spend time with our police officers as well.


Commissioners, I wanted to make you aware, the old police unit, #106 was sold in August, and we received $7,200 for the vehicle. I believe the price was very good, and I am pleased with the sale on Municibid.

Attached is a letter from Riverdale United Presbyterian Church, thanking our officers for attending their second annual, “Touch a truck” event. Over 500 people came out to the enjoy seeing the trucks and vehicles. Officers Tice and Downing represented The Crescent Township Police Department, well!

Commissioner Snell read aloud a letter written by Officer Joseph Burek titled “Shedding a positive light”. Officer Burek expressed how much he appreciates his time here. He feels that Chief Longerman understands the importance of a positive workplace and it is shown through police training and community involvement. Officer Burek also stated that he looks forward to working with Chief Longerman and the Crescent Township Police Department for many years to come.


Commissioner Gagat stated that the cash position looks very well. All points total up to $1,551,000. Expenses are in good shape. We are already into 2/3s of the year, it is hard to believe, and Christmas will be upon us soon. Budgets have been handed in and will be addressed within the next two weeks. I will go over them with the department heads.


Commissioner Miller read the Public Works report for August:

1. Repaired ground where tree fell in Shouse Park 2. Installed new parking signs in Parkwood

3. Tiger Mow right of ways.

4. Clean up after storms.

5. Move police car port and prepare back parking lot for paving. 

6. Cleaned inlets and roadways after heavy storms.

7. Kept the parks clean.

8. Patch Roadways

9. Prepared 2020 Budget 

10. Serviced equipment 

11. MS-4 work.

· Inlet inspections 

· Cleaned inlets


Commissioner Sabol gave the reports for the Recreation and Park Board.

The Recreation Board met Tuesday to continue planning for the Halloween Parade which will be on Saturday October 26, 2019

The Parks Board met on Thursday, September 5th, 2019 at 7pm

The Parks Board has continued our initiatives towards enhancing our parks by reviewing the remaining projects for 2019. They include installing new grills, new fountains and sanding/painting swing sets and tables. The men’s group at Pathway’s Church will be assisting with sanding the swings on September 14th and the RMU Men’s Lacrosse Team will be helping with painting the swings on September 29th. We are continuing to collaborate with the fire hall at the Drag Queen Bingo and the Gun Bash in the coming weeks.

Registration for the Fall Festival is underway. They will be having a car cruise, bounce house and a variety of vendors. We are also working on a Holiday Movie Night and a Luminaria Event which will take place on Christmas Eve at sunset to light the way into Christmas Day.

There next scheduled meeting is Thursday, October 3rd at 7pm. All are welcome to attend!!


Denny Lewis gave the report for the fire Department. He stated that the Department did assist the Independence Twp. Fire department by providing a tanker. There was 45 hours of State class training. He also thanked the Police Department for directing traffic during Drag Queen bingo, and there are Gun Bash tickets still available.






The first item in old business was motion/discussion that was tabled from last month’s meeting to approve the exercise of Option Year One (1/1/2020) to (12/31/2020) with the add on Alternate No 2 and No 3 to BFI Waste Services of Pittsburgh aba “Republic Services of Pittsburgh”. Written notice of said action to be sent by the Township Secretary immediately. Commissioner Sabol explained that if we would have to redo the Garbage Contact and go out for bids, it would cost a lot of money. So the best option is to go with year One of the current Garbage Contract. Commissioner Miller made the motion Seconded by Commissioner Gagat. A roll call was taken and all commissioners were in favor.


The first item under new business was a motion to accept the resignation of Joe Shutka as a Part- time Officer. He has accepted a Full-time Police Officer job in Wilkinsburg. Commissioner Miller made the motion Seconded by Commissioner Gagat. A roll call was taken and all commissioners were in favor.

The second item was a motion to accept the resignation of Erika Oslick as a Full-time Officer. Commissioner Snell made the motion Seconded by Commissioner Miller. A roll call was taken and all commissioners were in favor.

The third item was motion/discussion to hire Officer Ray Gossett as a Part Police Officer pending his interview and background check. Commissioner Gagat made the motion Seconded by Commissioner Miller. A roll call was taken and all commissioners were in favor.

The fourth item motion/discussion for the Police Department to purchase a new X26P Taser, to replace the one that was damaged last year in the amount of $1,650.00. Commissioner Gagat made

The fifth item was motion/discussion to accept the bid of $82.24 per ton for Rock Salt bulk delivery, from Cargill Inc. as submitted to the SHACOG Purchasing Alliance.

As per Commissioner Miller who spoke with Brian Cain the Township Public Works Department, Brian stated that in addition to what we have stocked, he did place an order for more salt and we are pretty well stocked for the winter. Commissioner Miller made the motion Seconded by Commissioner Gagat. A roll call was taken and all commissioners were in favor.

The sixth item motion/discussion on gutters for the Municipal Building. After a brief discussion to replace the gutters on the Municipal building. Commissioner Miller made a motion to accept the bid from Royal Roof & Gutter for a total cost of $4,000.00 that will not be performed until next year. Due to the gutter`s being in disrepair and causing damage to the building the board agreed to ask the contractor to complete the work earlier if possible. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Snell. A roll call was taken and all commissioners were in favor.


Denny Lewis of – 492 Crescent Blvd. Ext, thanked the Police Department for the touch a truck event. He also questioned Spring Run snow removal - who would be responsible this year. After a lengthy discussion, The Board agreed to check with Rick Start and then draft a letter to ask the county, if Crescent could take over snow removal due to safety reasons.


Commissioner Miller thanked all of his fellow Commissioner`s and everyone else for coming and wanted to remind everyone that school is in session. So watch out for the kids before, during and after school hours.

Secretary Patty Christian wanted to welcome Dawn Seaburn to the team she is a temporary office assistant.

Commissioner Gagat wanted to recognize the Public Works for the fine job of getting the back parking lot paved. It looks great and can’t wait to see the voter’s reaction not having to walk in mud and dirt.

Commissioner Sabol thanked Chief Longerman for the fine job he is doing. He welcomed Dawn to the Township, and thanked the Commissioners for showing up.


A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Commissioner Miller and seconded by Commissioner Gagat. A voice vote was taken and found all Commissioners in favor of the motion. The meeting adjourned at 7:03 PM.


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